Your Home’s Sump Pump: What You Need to Know

Oct 18th, 2022

Published: April 4, 2018

Updated: November 22, 2019

by The Hartford, Extra Mile Staff


For many homeowners, water in the basement is a concern when we receive a large amount of rain or snow.  These same homeowner’s may also know that a sump pump is an essential first line of defense against a wet basement.

Learn how sump pumps work to protect your home from backed up water, and how Water Backup and Sump Pump Overflow Coverage can help cover damages to your home if your pump fails.


What is a sump pump?
A sump is a pit or hole dug into a basement that is used to accumulate or pool water into one spot.

How Does it work?
A pump is added to send the accumulated water out of the basement

Why would you need a sump pump?
A sump pump system helps protect the basement and its contents from water damage.

When do you use it?
A sump pump system can be used year round to pump water out and away from your basement.

Water Backup and Sump Pump Overflow Coverage helps cover property that is damaged by backed up water or overflow from a sump pump. This doesn’t cover damage from flood or surface water.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What is spring snow melt or rain cause more water than my pump can handle? What if it overflows?

A.) There is an optional endorsement that will cover this type of damage done by sump overflow.

Q.) What if the power goes out and the pump isn’t working?

A.) The optional coverage endorsement will pay for the damage to your basement.

Q.) What if my pump’s motor seizes and it stops working?

A.) The optional coverage endorsement will pay for the water damage when this happens.

Q.) What if there’s flooding in my neighborhood and it fills my basement?

A.) This optional endorsement will not cover damage done by flooding.


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