10 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Nov 26th, 2018

Heavy snowfall and chilling temperatures are quickly approaching.  Have you taken the necessary steps to winterize your home? Read these 10 tips to ensure your home is safe, warm, and running efficiently.

  1. Inspect your furnace or heat pump – have a professional inspect your furnace or heat pump to ensure the system is clean and ready for the winter season.
  2. Disconnect outdoor water supplies – disconnect outdoor water hoses, shut off outside water valves, and clean out your gutters to prevent water damage or ice buildup.
  3. Trim tree branches – if your home is surrounded by trees, remove tree branches that could possibly fall onto your house or your neighbor’s due to snow or ice.
  4. Rearrange furniture – make sure furniture isn’t blocking any heat vents inside your home to allow for maximum airflow.
  5. Check your roof – have a contractor check your roof to make sure it’s in good condition and can sustain heavy snowfall.
  6. Insulate doors and windows – take out window screens and replace weather stripping around doors and windows to prevent cold air from entering your home.
  7. Clean air vents and baseboard heaters – replace your furnace filters and carefully clean your vents and heaters to allow for maximum air flow. This can also save you money on your utility bill!
  8. Inspect your chimney – inspect your chimney for creosote buildup, inspect the flue damper to make sure it shuts correctly, and call a professional to clean the ducts if necessary.
  9. Check your thermostat – before the chilling temperatures arrive, make sure your thermostat is running correctly and monitor how it responds to changing temperatures.
  10. Change ceiling fan direction – if possible, switch the direction of your ceiling fan to spin in the opposite direction. This can help to push air to the sides of the room helping to keep the room warme

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