Protect Your Belongings At College

Aug 8th, 2016

Anything can happen on-or off-campus such as theft, fires, and other damages. While you’re unpacking and settling into your new dorm, take a moment to consider how you’ll protect all of your belongings. At SEFCU Insurance Agency, we some have options available to help you reduce this risk.

Homeowners Insurance – Your family’s homeowners insurance policy can offer you coverage while you’re on campus however there may be limitations. We can help your parents review their current policy to make sure all of your items are covered.

Renters Insurance – If you’ve chosen to live off-campus, it’s unlikely that your family’s homeowners policy will cover your personal property. This type of coverage is something you may want to consider before moving into off-campus housing.

Additional ways we can help!

In addition to homeowners and renters insurance, we can also help you to secure auto and life insurance or reduce your current policy premiums!

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation insurance quote, or to review your existing coverage. 

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