Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring

Mar 1st, 2017

With Spring quickly approaching, now is the time to make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to take out of storage. Before you hit the road, read these maintenance tips to ensure your bike is ready for Spring.

1. Check the battery – cold weather can be hard on your bike’s battery. Make sure the connections are secure, the terminals are clean, and give it a slow charge.

2. Change the oil – if you didn’t change the oil before putting it in storage for the winter, now is the time for an oil change with a new filter.

3. Check the tires and lighting – check your tires carefully for cracking, punctures, or excessive wear and tear.  If they look secure, check the tire pressure to make sure they are inflated properly. Check all of your lights to make sure they are working properly and replace any faulty bulbs.

4. Check brakes and cables – before you hit the road check all parts of your braking system such as the brake pads and calipers. Check your cables and apply cable lubricant to tune up pivot points such as cables, levers, pedals, etc.

5. Inspection – don’t get caught with an expired inspection. Make sure it is taken care of early in the season after you’ve tuned up your bike.

5. Review Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage – when you renew your motorcycle registration, don’t forget to review your insurance policy with SEFCU Insurance Agency. If you have accessories or custom parts, we can make sure those are included in your policy.

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